There you are.

"This is Fluidynamics: dance music to think to."

I make superlayered Drum & Bass Hip Hop Breakbeat Spoken Word

About Christian.

This is my handshake spot. I'm a music recordist and producer. My label is Flip Fly Productions. I built my own studio and occupy it frequently. I've been a spoken word artist since the late '80s and a musician since the late '70s.

I don't reproduce the "daily flavor music" to feel relevant. As a musician helping others keep going, I think we should all do what we do with feeling because of what it does for the soul and the ears.

I like to play different instruments; my classical training was in trombone and I've added several others to my toolbelt. I was always wordish, so I occasionally go to the stage or the studio to bring my poems and monologues to life.

Facebook? No thanks. Things I think are dope: HitRecord, a collaborative social space , CashMusic, a self-respectful resource for creatives. Yes.

I was raised on punk and jazz, hip hop and jam rock... and then I began to look hard at jungle, trance, dub and UK two-step. I was able to begin designing and arranging my own sound and cobbling together a pretty nice DAW & VST ecosphere. Today, my portfolio is populating the streaming services and - data reveals - bobbing heads worldwide.

I sway with the sentient world and build/shed parts of myself like any observant person will do. As life gets more interesting, so does my music. It's pretty much imitating my mind, rendering joy/rage/absolution in a less formulaic expression of self.


This is some of it. Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, et et et cetera will also get you there.


Hit me up. I collaborate, remix and perform.